Aviation - is our job and what we're good at. You may also describe us in a few other words.

Knowledge - we know what we do.

Aviation is both our work and passion. We are on the market since 2006 while our personal relationships with aviation and experiences are much longer. The specificity of our work requires us to know, to be perfect and sure. We are still developing and we put emphasis on learning new skills. We are not convinced, we do not believe in, we know.

Simplicitymake It easy

Activity in the aviation sector requires lot of confirmations, certificates and permits, knowledge of procedures, documents and forms. We provide customers with our services and deliveries in simple and clear manner. Formalities and administration are on our side. The customer has to get a final product quickly and without complications.

Confidence - you can rely on us

We do always build trust with our suppliers and customers, we are aware that our business has an impact on equipment performance and flight safety. We work only with reliable suppliers, and our customers for years are the Air Force, Navy, Police and other government services as well as Polish and foreign repair facilities.